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Comparing All three Sauna material Kits

LK Prime-C: (11116″; Clear, Seamed (1′,2′ & 3′ t&g for wall/ceiling lining) The most economical because of knotty or seamed
clear cedar lining and the thinner bench material. Ideal for the price conscious do-it-yourselfer. Note for building contractor
or homeowner buying kit for their builder. Seams and Benches take longer to build, so material savings is largely offset by
increased labor costs.

LK Plus: (11/16″ Clear t & g wall/ceiling lining) This is the most popular package. 11/16″ Clear Western red cedar lining and
strong, sturdy 2×4 bench tops and supports that are quicker to assemble and have a very substantial look and feel. The LK
Plus starts you off with a first-rate, high quality sauna and lets you pick and choose the options and extras that appeal to you.
(Note: Some pass off 5/8 cedar as 11/16. Ours is a true 11/16″.)

LK Premium: (11/16″ Clear t & g wall/ceiling lining) Starts as an LK Plus, but adds a lot of the most popular designer features
and options at preferential prices. LK Premium includes bench skirt, designer backrest, and Sauna Craft XR heater and EL-13
Electronic control. It also includes accessory pack #1 (bucket, dipper, thermometer) light shade cover and exterior casing. LK
Premium is popular with customers who like all the included upgrades. The better price is a nice bonus. On the other hand, it
you like some of the other features, but not all, then you are usually better off selecting an LK Plus and adding the options
upgrades you prefer.