Our sauna aromatherapy essences are packaged in 100 ml amber glass bottles to maintain the product’s integrity. Plastic bottles can react with the essence ingredients therefore we won’t use them. Our black phenolic caps have a special funnel shaped insert to prevent leakage and air infiltration. These should NEVER be added directly onto the sauna rocks or any heater. Rather a cap full or two should be added into a full sauna bucket of water. Then with a sauna ladle sprinkle the mixture onto the hot rocks. The resulting fragrance will quickly spread throughout the room. Sauna essences are refreshing and invigorating, and by varying the scent from time to time you can enhance your sauna experience. Available in Eucalyptus, Citrus Orange, Rain, Wintergreen, and Vanilla.  


This cleaner is safe for all types of sauna wood including cedar, pine, hemlock and redwood. This non toxic water based cleaner is used by mixing 1 part cleaner to 100 parts warm water. The cleaner is gentle on wood without leaving any residue or offensive odor. The cleaner disinfects and removes any body oils that can lead to musty odor and damage the wood.  


Hypo-allergenic Sauna Soap (Mini-Risk), made in Finland and approved by the Nordic Allergy Association. Contains no perfumes, coloring agents or preservatives. 75 gram bar.
Sold separately or by the case of 24 bars.


Traditional, long-lasting Finnish sauna soaps, large 225 gram ( 8 oz. or 1/2 pound! ) bars. Made of pure natural ingredients that will not turn “mushy” with use. In two scents: Fresh Pine (green), Lilac (white).  


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