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A DIY sauna kit is a package containing all the materials to build the inside of a sauna. At Saunafin, we describe the Sauna Material Liner Kit as the “inside skin” of the sauna. You can install a sauna anywhere in your home; (i.e. basement or master bathroom). Sauna kits can also be installed outdoor in a cabana or shed. Our sauna material kits are made of Clear, Canadian Western Red cedar or Clear Canadian Hemlock. We can design and customize any shape and size to meet your needs. Sauna kits are the most affordable and effective option when building a sauna, and Saunafin offers the lowest factory direct prices. With over 50 years of experience in the sauna industry, you can trust Saunafin to provide design and installation expertise, excellent customer service, and high quality clear cedar saunas.

All Tongue & Groove Lining 11/16" Thickness Material Kit Lead Times: Shipped = 4-6 weeks Pick Up = 1 week

Click pictures to select model: Then, size & Customize to price your Sauna Kit

Cedar (LK-Plus)

Cedar (LK-Floating bench Style)

Cedar (LK-Premium)

We Supply

  • Foil Vapor Barrier
  • 1×4 (11/16″ thickness) t&g clear, grade ‘A’ & better,
    Western Red cedar or hemlock for lining for walls & ceiling.
  • All t&g finished on TWO sides for maximum versatility. (Includes four extra t&g.)
  • Clear, grade ‘A” & better, Western cedar or hemlock for benches
    (2×4 or 1×4 if selected).
  • Furniture grade finish on all cedar materials
  • Corner Trim for walls and ceiling (cedar, unless otherwise requested))
  • Sauna Door (All Doors pre-hung on jamb).
  • Door Casing
  • Cedar slide outlet vent
  • Galvanized nails (or brads) and treated deck screws
  • Heater guard fence
  • Double gasketed, marine grade, vapor proof light
  • Sauna Heater (Included model is 100% stainless steel).
    Many heater options available. Sauna Control included (many control options)
  • Sauna Control included (many control options)
  • Detailed material list and fully
    (example: Most popular LK Plus-illustrated manual with
    step by step ins.)

We Supply

  • 2×4 Stud framing for walls & drop ceiling
  • Fiberglass insulation (use 31/2 “ batt, R-12 or R-13)
  • Wiring
  • Exterior finish i.e. drywall,
    sheetrock, etc.

Rough in Details

  • Based on inside stud dimensions. You can “stretch” 1″ over the foot. (i.e. 5’x 7′ sauna-max. framing is 61″ x 85″). If more, you need to go to next nearest size of kit.
  • Standard height is 83-1/2″. We recommend never going higher than 8′. We strongly encourage as close to 7′ or less as possible. (Extra cost for additional height.) Minimum Height: For Tylo or Saaku heaters=75″. For Sauna Craft heaters=78″