The dry sauna is a room usually made of wood where one takes a dry heat bath whose temperature varies between 70 and 100 ° C (158 and 212).  It should be noted that according to UL and CSA / ACNOR standards the maximum temperature must not exceed 90 ° C for the United States and Canada. Despite this high temperature, the body remains around 39 ° C.


 In the cabin, there are usually benches on several levels. It should be noted that as the level is high, the heat is important. If you are in your first experience or if you are sensitive enough to heat, it is better to go for the lowest level.


 In addition to the benches, a stove is also present, used to heat the stones. You can also find a bucket of water and a ladle that will be used to humidify the ambient air.



Our Sauna heaters manufactured in Canada by the biggest manufacturers such as Saunacore, Saunamatic and Homecraft will be able to satisfy your commercial and residential needs.



The Canadian Red Cedar Grade A + (Knotless) is a prestigious wood chosen primarily for its beautiful appearance. It also offers a longer life than any other wood species. Its superior resistance to warping, twisting and cracking makes it an excellent choice for the solid and durable construction of a Sauna.



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