A steam shower,steam bath or steam cabin can not be compared to a sauna.  Unlike the sauna that owes its virtues to hot and dry air, the steam cabin operates at a lower temperature (about 45 ° C) and higher humidity (steam).


 A steam shower, hammam or steam bath is a cabin that allows you to shower, but also to benefit from the steam function, that is to say the steam functionIf you want to relax, and enjoy  a good time, while detoxifying you, so that's definitely what we recommend.  Indeed, our steam generator for shower gives you an unequaled comfort, but especially a very pleasant moment of well-being The generated steam allows to open the pores of your skin, to eliminate the toxins, but also to relax your muscles.

Unwind and relax after work, sports, or exercising, in your own luxurious steam bath with all of its refreshing and healthful benefits. 

An electronics or automatic drain system / Flush. During the one-day operation, impurities from the water collect in the boiler body. At the end of the day, the automatic drain / rinsing system drains and boiler colors to get rid of the free-flowing buildup

Discover all the Steam Bath Benefits for your home projects.


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